How to Manifest Happiness

How to Manifest Happiness (Real & Lasting Bliss)

I talk a lot about manifesting change in every aspect of your life, but how do you manifest happiness? How can you bring real joy into your life?

And I’m not just talking about clearing money blocks or manifesting a holiday – I mean drawing pure joy.

Happiness attracts happiness. When you’re on top of the world, you become a human boomerang for endless abundance, love and joy in life. The universe gives back the same vibrational frequency you put out. When you learn how to manifest happiness, you experience more of these euphoric ‘highs’.

Manifestation can bring real and permanent change to your life, how you can you start using it now to draw happiness from the universe and into your reality?

How Do You Manifest Positivity?

Let’s look at a few simple ways to convert a negative mindset into one of love, joy and deep gratitude. You can design the perfect life simply by mastering the art of manifestation and applying it in your everyday life.

Create a Positive Outlook, Fling Open the Windows of Opportunity…While it may seem like a good idea to put the duvet over your head and snooze the day away, there is a big, beautiful world out there and the benefits of a long walk can last up to seven hours. Notice how quickly you blend with the vibration of happiness…you feel alive! The transition from a stuffy house to Mother Nature is like taking off a pair of sunglasses; suddenly, the dark clouds lift and you notice a bright, positive, energizing light all around you, invigorating the soul and boosting your creativity.

In Your Daily Life: Whistle while you work…Yep, it worked for the seven dwarfs…even Grumpy! So it could work for you. Next time you talk yourself out of the washing up, try doing it while you whistle, hum or sing. If you fear your dulcet tones will start all the dogs howling in your neighborhood, crank up your favorite tunes and give that negative beast a good old tickle under the chin to cheer him up.

Happy People Create Happy People, Spread the Love…Treat someone to the gift of kindness. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or showy gesture; something as simple as a cup of coffee, your last Rolo or some flowers from your garden should do the trick. Don’t buy for an occasion, make something, give something or do something just to raise a smile; when you make a conscious choice to create happiness; that same positive energy is returned.

Gratitude: A Feeling of Happiness in Your Everyday Life… Imagine one of your goals manifesting. See that moment right now; how amazing does it feel? How grateful are you? Show your deepest appreciation by repeating the words “Thank you”. Say it with passion, say it with joy flowing from your heart, say it with warmth, say it with conviction and say it with love.

Gratitude resonates at 540 MHz which is one of the highest frequencies a human being can generate; this frequency travels outward into the universe and raises the quality of your life. When you radiate with feelings of deep gratitude, you tell the universe that it is doing a great job and it will continue to create long-term happiness for you.

Remember: I always suggest picking a manifestation technique that speaks to you. Trust the advice of your own intuition before anyone else. If a method or technique speaks to you, it’s going to work a lot better than just following along with the steps because someone tells you to. That includes me.

Happiness Doesn’t Come with a Price Tag…You don’t have to spend a single penny to soak in the sweet elixir of happiness; all the tools you need are nestled within your memory bank. Think of something hilarious, remember the day you held your baby for the very first time or remember that moment you first fell in love. Think of something beautiful, touching or heart-warming and happiness is just a wonderful thought away.

Forces of Energy: Listen to the heart-warming whisper of angels… As you wrap the duvet around you at night and create a cocoon of warmth and safety, take a look at the ebony sky above and focus on the stars blooming against the velvet black; these beautiful, gentle night-time lamps glowing softly downward; this heavenly presence just above your head.

The human body is made of stardust. Feel this energy merge with your own and bask in these loving, powerful and positive vibrations. They are there just for you, pulsing like beating hearts in the sky, take in this beauty, feel this comforting connection and allow these beautiful twinkling beams to soak into your body. Bathe in starlight and soak in feelings of calm, wonder and deep inner peace.

How to Manifest Happiness for Someone Else

It only takes a few moments to send loving vibrations to someone. Find a quiet place to sit or lie down and close your eyes.

Your Manifestation Journey; Basic Breathing Exercises

Take in a few long, slow, deep breaths and as you do so; imagine calmness and stillness entering your body with each in-breath and stress and tension leaving your body with each out-breath.

Allow all worries and responsibilities to fall off your shoulders and out through the soles of your feet. Notice how light you have become; it feels as if your physical body has faded away and you have blended into the light itself; feel the chaos of the world drifting away and absorb the silence…

Positive Thinking Meditation

Focus on the person you are manifesting for; see them in your mind’s eye and notice every single detail about them. How do you want to help them? Do you want to heal pain? Send out loving energy? Bring good luck?

Whatever your intention, see this person enjoying that one thing. Feel the energy within and notice how it soars to a higher, finer vibration with each powerful image and affirmation you generate on their behalf. See them at their most joyful, notice how they glow with happiness as if the sunshine has flooded their soul. Notice the look on their face which says “Everything is just perfect in the world“; they are buzzing with happiness. See how peaceful they have become as if they are being hugged by an angel and notice the sparkle in their eyes, the spring in their step and the warm ray of light that seeps in from their soul and stretches outward into a smile, creating a feeling of joy, peace and divine bliss.  Now, see them talking to you, telling you their good news and feel those rhapsodies of elation becoming even more powerful. And, in your heart center, I wonder if you can see a solid white heart forming.

The more you raise your happiness level, the more this heart grows stronger and stronger; brighter and brighter and as it burns, it radiates, resonates and elevates the power you have instilled within; feel this energy increase as you fuel the heart with even more powerful vibrations.

Now, release this powerful energy…send this pulsating heart outward into the universe toward the person you are manifesting for. See that positive energy hovering above their head and watch it gently unfold like the wings of an angel; surrounding them with an effervescent glow that gently soaks into their body.

Now, when you are ready, open your eyes and give thanks to the universe for sending these loving vibrations their way and helping loved ones to benefit from a positive mindset.

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