How to Clear Money Blocks

How to Clear Money Blocks (Quickly and For Good)

How many times have you felt anxious around money? You think to yourself: “I have all the desire to create a life of abundance but no matter how hard I try, it never happens”. You feel as if you are doing everything right but everything is wrong.

Let’s imagine a scenario: You can win £500 or you can lose £500. Which would play heavier on your mind? Nine out of ten people would say losing £500. This is a typical example of negative behavior around money. We fear a negative situation with much stronger energy than we do a positive one but we can clear money blocks with the right transformational tools and override this dense energy.

Let’s take a look…

What Is a Money Block?

what is a money block

In much the same way as writers grapple with words flowing towards them, a money block is very similar. In essence, we stop the flow of money and block financial success on a daily basis.

Whether we like it or not, we have hundreds of negative messages running like a movie at the back of the mind. Many of them started when we were children but we still carry these bad money memories around in our daily lives.

How often have you found yourself dwelling on something bad? We put a lot of passion and emotion into something upsetting. Listen to someone telling you about a bad day and you will hear it for yourself. They speak with intensity, using powerful words, building up the drama, raising negative vibrations, energizing them and turning them into a powerful tool for…poverty.

As mere human beings, we are hard-wired to react to negative situations. They sink deep into the soul and have a huge impact on the way that we conduct our lives.

The mind will sift through our experiences and raise the bad ones; turning them into major blocks.

Subconscious Money Blocks

The brain is split into two hemispheres; the left and the right. The right takes in all the negative stuff, all those deep feelings linked to poverty.

We also harbor a secret truth…deep down we really do believe the negative messages we hear. If your partner told you that you’d never be able to afford a brand new Mercedes outright in cash, you would immediately take that statement on board and believe it.

Why Money Is Giving Us a Difficult Time

Blame it on your ancestors; these negative beliefs stem from prehistoric man who became highly attuned to negative messages as a means of survival. These ancestral money blocks have been handed down throughout the generations and are still playing in the background. In essence, we dwell on money issues as a survival technique.

How to Release Your Money Blocks

money blocksYou can absolutely use our manifestation workbook or any of the popular manifestation techniques to work on your financial life but they’re going to have limited results if you can’t address the blocks already in place.

Pay attention to any negative feelings that arise throughout the day, you will know they are present when you become tense and anxious.

To create financial freedom you have to create an abundance mindset. You have to watch what you say because words are powerful. If you find yourself talking at length about scarcity, turn those words into something positive.

Assumptions about Money

How often have you succumbed to the green-eyed monster; the one who whispers softly in your ear about the neighbors, your sister or co-workers who seem to have endless amounts of money; that envy is keeping you from achieving your financial goals. All these negative emotions are being sent out into the universe creating a block to abundance. You live on a low income because you vibrate with the energy of a low income.

Boundaries around Money

If you are shaking your head and saying, no, this simply isn’t true. Ask yourself this. Could you walk up to your boss right now and tell him you quit? No, because you need a salary. But if money was flowing from all directions, you could walk right out the door and never look back.

Imagine a life without blocks to abundance.

  1. You would sleep soundly because you would never have to worry about paying bills.
  2. You would use credit cards because they are convenient and not because you have to.
  3. You would never have to work.
  4. You could become a walking money inspiration for others.
  5. You would feel relaxed and content with your finances.
  6. You would never feel guilty about treating yourself to nice things
  7. You would be supportive and generous to charities.
  8. You would feel positive and enthusiastic about your future
  9. You would send the kids to private school and never have to worry about the fees

Sound good? Now… you have the left brain taking in some positive beliefs around money. I’m a big fan of using scripting manifestation to do just that.

Resonate With the Energy of Abundance

It is what you focus on that causes subconscious money blocks. When you vibrate with the flow of money, life changes; you become liberated from false beliefs. Positive thoughts can set you free. They hold the sum total of all the wealth in the world. All you have to do is change your beliefs about money on an energetic level.

True Abundance Awaits

Make every single thought, word and action in your everyday life resonate with wealth and in return, those money blocks will fall away one by one, creating a space for ideas, opportunities, places and people to flow freely. You will develop a new relationship with money; one that will adorn you with wealth in all its many forms.


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