How to Ask the Universe for Help

How to Ask the Universe for Help (AND BE HEARD)

I know how to talk to God, I form an alignment with him through prayer but how do I ask the universe for help?

To reach alignment with the universe you must first create a clear channel to communicate through; this means cleansing away all traces of negativity and doubt. With a clear channel, you create a sacred space filled with beautiful thoughts courtesy of the imagination. The third stage is linked with gratitude; the universe responds to all appreciation we send out for the wonderful gifts that are readily available. Finally, you must learn to let go; release your desires to the universe and allow it to work with the energy it has received.

Daily Life: The Universe is Always Listening

Yes, it most certainly is, when we resonate with our deepest desires we are reminded that the best things in life cannot be seen or heard, they are experienced from the heart. We become more aware of the world around us, a world that we often take for granted. We find ourselves becoming more receptive to the beautiful scenery that we often overlook in everyday life and as such, we notice the silent happiness that surrounds our very existence.

Look at the leaves dancing in the wind, bees pollinating flowers and the sweet lilt of bird song; all subtle energies that are waiting to lift the spirits and draw us into their fold; attuning us with peace, joy and love.

Every sound vibration in this big old world carries its own unique frequency and every spoken word or emotion is picked up by the universe and responded to.

How to Ask the Universe a question and Get an Answer

It is easy to talk to the universe, there is no special ritual or code to follow, simply ask from deep within; after all, you are part of the universe. As human beings, we tend to see ourselves as separated from the world but we are very much a part of it. Granted we may be just a tiny speck but within that tiny speck we carry the entire universe; we inadvertently choose to disconnect with this divine source.

Hidden Messages and Authentic Power

The key to asking the universe a question and receiving an answer is to look for signs and synchronicities. You may pick up subtle nudges from something as simple as a line in a song, a conversation on TV or something that you stumble across online. The universe will not send a personal response to your email address hand-crafted by Mother Nature herself so keep your eyes peeled for those distinct clues and directions.

Actionable Practices: How to Ask the Universe for a Miracle

To ask the universe for a miracle you have to prepare for a miracle to enter your life. You will not receive a clear message if you harbor stubborn negative energy; this will act as a block to success. If you grapple with impatience, doubt and fear you may benefit from listening to some cleansing meditations. These will help to release any low-level vibrations and create a healthier mind, body and spirit.

The second step is to talk to the universe with passion, joy and love. She needs to know how much you really want this. The most effective way to get your message across is to live out your desires in your imagination. In peace and quiet, you can enter the realm of your deepest hidden wishes and tap into those ‘feel good’ feelings. This is how the universe picks up your message; it soaks in the vibrational energy you release in a dream-like trance.

Leave Tough Times Behind and Experience Your Biggest Hopes

The imagination is a wonderful gift instilled from birth so why not use it to your advantage? With the mind, we can step into the future and live whatever life we want. We can do anything here, we can carry out our wildest dreams and nothing or no one can stop us. In this space, we can leave difficult times behind for a while and step into an intense feeling of excitement, fulfillment and success.

The third stage to asking for a miracle is to give thanks and praise to the universe; these emotions carry powerful vibrational frequencies. This is how Lord Jesus Christ was able to perform miracles. He gave thanks and praise to God and as such; was able to feed 5000 people with just five loaves of bread and two fish.

Free-Flowing Energy with Beautiful Messages

We can equally resonate with the universe and show our deepest appreciation and thanks for all the wonderful treasures abundantly available; the universe is most receptive to these powerful, positive frequencies and more likely to grant us divine favors when we shower it with gratitude.

Finally, you must learn to surrender, this is where the true power lies. The more you dwell on your desires and goals, the more you display signs of impatience. Imagine your wish to the fullest; elevate it with high-powered feelings of optimism, elation, beauty, radiance and then let it go. The best way to forget about your goal is to keep yourself busy, the more you keep dwelling on what you don’t have, the more you thwart its progress.

Divine Guidance Within the Flow of Life

If you do find yourself constantly thinking about your goal or desire, try to recall the beautiful images you used to raise your vibration and look for triggers in your everyday life that match the same vibration. For instance, if you asked the universe for a loving partner, surround yourself with love, this could be in the form of beautiful songs, romantic images, poems…anything that raises your energy and cancels out feelings of sorrow, loss, being unattractive or lonely.

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