369 Manifestation Method

369 Manifestation Method: Reality Shifting from TikTok

The 369 manifestation method has some roots in history but it was TikTok that brought it back into the limelight. Similar to methods like the 55×5 method the goal is to drive your focus into a single goal. Aligning your actions with your goal and making damn sure the universe knows where you’re heading.

The 369 manifestation method allows you to focus the laws of attraction to help you achieve a major goal or ambition in your life. It’s a writing manifestation method based on the numbers 3, 6 and 9, and you need to practice it for 33-45 days.

Tip: I’m constantly saying there are very few hard-set rules when it comes to a manifestation practice. Allow your intuition to guide you here. The 3 6 9 method certainly has the ability to bring your dreams to reality but it’s not the only technique around.

Manifestation And The Law of Attraction

But before we delve deep into the 369 technique, let’s talk about the manifestation process and the law of attraction first. Because if you want the 369 technique to work then you have to know about these concepts. And how they relate to your daily life.

Throughout our whole lives, we constantly develop both positive and negative thought patterns and beliefs about ourselves. And we also get stuck in set ideas about our environment and the people around us too. Without realizing it, these beliefs eventually become our reality. So manifestation is all about being conscious of our thought patterns and the messages that we’re sending out into the universe.

Because according to the simple principle of the law of attraction, the universe is constantly listening to these messages. And whatever kind of thoughts and actions you put out there, they’ll always come resonating back. So if you always expect things to go wrong then more often than not, they will. But if you see life through a rosy lens then you’ll always be happy and fulfilled.

What is the 369 Manifestation Method

The 369 manifestation technique is developed from the ideas of Nikola Tesla. He was a famous inventor, most commonly known for inventing alternating currents. He had an incredible mind and was obsessed with electricity and mathematical equations. Tesla had a special fixation on the numbers 3, 6 and 9. He believed that these numbers are sacred and that they represent all the complexities of the universe.

Tesla believed that the number 3 connects us to the universe. The number 6 is our internal strength and number 9 represents the act of releasing negative energies. Throughout the entire history of humankind, the number three has been sacred. Think of the golden ratio and the holy trinity for example.

So when you use these special numbers as part of your manifestation method, you’ll tune into a universal superpower. Thus, enforcing the power of your manifestation.

How do You Manifest Using the 369 Method?

Below, we’ll show you exactly how to use the 369 manifestation technique to create your deepest desires in just 4 easy steps.

Step#1 Prepare

To practice the 369 manifestation technique then you’re going to need a pen and a writing pad for your manifestation journal. And you’ll need to dedicate time each day to write your manifestation down. You need to do this in the morning, in the afternoon, and then again in the evening.

And you have to be committed because you need to practice this manifestation technique for 33 or 45 days. These numbers are significant because 3+3 = 6, and 4+5 =9. Every detail about the 369 manifestation is based on these numbers.

The law of attraction is pretty strong, so before you start manifesting anything then make sure that you’re in a happy place mentally. If you’re sad or desperate when you try to manifest, then there’s a chance you might attract negative things.

Step #2 Pick Your Goal

Next, you need to choose what you want to manifest into your daily reality. This could be anything from the dream job, wealth or your dream partner for example. Think about why you want to achieve this goal and the ways that it will enhance your life.

Tip: I highly suggest reading my guide on setting an intention for manifestation. This step can seem basic but this is where most people make mistakes and if you get this wrong you won’t see results no matter what manifestation technique you use.

And always say your manifestation in the present tense, “I have the perfect job” for example. Because if you say that you want something then you’ll always be wanting. And you’ll never achieve your ultimate goal.

Step #3 Practice the 3-6-9

Now it’s time to put your manifestation into practice. So every morning, as soon as you wake up, you need to write down your manifestation three times. Then release it into the universe, don’t hold onto it throughout the day.

In the afternoon at some point, you need to write your manifestation down again, but this time you write it six times. The last time you write down your manifestation is before bed. And this time you need to write it down 9 times.

And to enhance your manifestation potential, sit quietly for 17 seconds before writing and focus on your goal. This 17-second rule comes from spirit manifestation guru Abraham Hicks. He believes that 17 seconds of pure, concentrated thought is divine timing. And it will ignite your positive affirmation to the universe and bring you an effortless manifestation.

Strep #4 Have Faith and Show Gratitude

The main thing when it comes to manifesting anything is that you need to have blind faith in divine energies if you want it to work. The universe will sense doubt. So always trust that your manifestation will come to you at exactly the right time.

You might want to read my ‘how long does manifestation take?‘ guide if you’re struggling with patience. As someone who struggles with patience themselves I know how hard this final step can be.

And when your manifestation starts working make sure that you acknowledge any small steps towards progress. And be grateful for these small changes, this lets the universe know that you’re ready to receive some more. Feelings of deep gratitude cause a snowball effect when it comes to materializing your dreams.


Does the 369 Method Actually Work?

I’ve no doubt there are some TikTok videos inflating what manifestation is really capable of but, in short, the 369 method does work.

It’s not going to make you famous or a lottery winner overnight but, like any manifestation technique, it has the potential of changing your life but the grim reality is most people don’t see results from manifestation because of the same common mistakes I see time and time again. I’d suggest taking a look at this page which covers a lot of the common questions.

Is the 369 Manifestation Method Dangerous?

I’ve talked about the dangers of manifestation backfiring before and the same applies to the 3 6 9 method. The method itself is just a tool, by itself, it is perfectly harmless and not at all dangerous. How we use (or misuse) it is when it can get risky.

Negative affirmations or working from a place of negativity (like trying to deny someone free will) can backfire against you. Luckily, these dangers can be fairly easy to sidestep as long as you’re working from a place of high vibration and positive energy. Work for the good of yourself and others and you’ll be fine.

How Long Do You Do the 369 Method?

You need to practice the 369 method three times a day for 33 or 45 days.

Again, I always say there are no hard-set rules here. Whether or not these specific numbers make a difference comes down to your own belief in numerology. If in doubt, let your intuition guide you. I would say that you should at least be giving the method is a genuine attempt. One of the biggest pitfalls I see is people quitting before they start to see results from their practice. Sometimes they quit right before they were close to something and didn’t even realize it.

Can You Do the 369 Method More Than Once?

You can use the 369 method as many times as you like but stick to one goal at a time. Trying to spread yourself too thin and manifesting multiple things at once is a recipe for seeing none of it. My advice is always to start on small goals that you’re already close to. Something that you’d just need a small nudge towards.

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